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7 Essentials You Need for a DIY At-Home Spa

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Happiness starts with you. Take care of your body, mind, and spirit. It’s essential to keeping a healthy work-life balance. We know you’re under a lot of stress and pressure when you’re at work – which is why it is extremely important to pamper yourself every once-in-awhile.

1. Set the Mood

A relaxing spa night starts with the right scents. They play a vital role when it comes to relaxation. Aromatherapy has become quite popular, but buying specific diffusers and candles can be costly. The Healthy Maven shares her recipe DIY candles that smell absolutely wonderful. They’re ideal for relaxing and unwinding.

The Healthy Maven Spa Candles
Image sourced from The Healthy Maven.

2. Mask On, Mask Off

Once you’ve got the scents down, it’s time to prep your mask. We find that having a facial mask elevates your spa experience. You’re able to feel the clay working its magic on your skin. One of our favorite at home recipes is from Soap Queen you’ll want some gloves because things will get a bit messy.

Soap Queen Spa Mask
Image sourced from Soap Queen.

Now that the room is filled with a relaxing scent and your face is covered with your DIY rose clay mask, it’s time to dip into a nice soothing bath. We do not recommend just sitting in a tub of plain water, dress it up with soap, salt, and other bathtime goodies.

3. Feelin’ Salty

We’re going to use the good type of salt – the type that effervesces as soon as it hits the water. Bath salts can make a world of a difference. Not only do they make your bath look great, but they also do wonders for your skin. Check out our favorite recipes from The Kitchy Kitchen.

4. Feelin’ Sweet

Sugar scrubs are the MVPs when it comes to spa essentials. These recipes come from Chasing Foxes. They are aesthetically pleasing – you can make them in a range of colors. They also provide a ton of awesome benefits. Some scrubs are skin firming, others help give you smoother skin, and they all do a great job of keeping you clean.

Images sourced from The Kitchy Kitchen and Chasing Foxes.
Images sourced from The Kitchy Kitchen and Chasing Foxes.

5. Really Bomb Bath Bombs

If you’ve never had a bath bomb bath before, then you haven’t been living your best life. Remember when you were a child and your parents set up a really bubbly bath for you? This is the socially accepted adult version. Jessica from eHow created a step-by-step guide to making these bath beauties.

eHow Bath Bombs
Image sourced from eHow.


6. Lather Up

Once you’ve showered and rinsed off all the soap, salt, and clay mask material off your body, you’ll need to stay moisturized. There really is no point in a spa night if you end up dry and ashy. The Little Pine has concocted a few fun and interesting lotion bar recipes.

7. Freshen Up

After you finish your entire nightly regimen, try spraying some of this custom rose water serum to keep your skin feeling fresh and lively. The recipe comes from Hello Glow and is broken down into a few simple and easy-to-follow steps.

Images sourced from The Little Pine and Hello Glow.
Images sourced from The Little Pine and Hello Glow.

The next time you have a day off, try one or all of these at-home spa recipes and let us know in the comments how it turned out. We hope you have a relaxing and healthy new year!

Self-love and happiness don’t have to stop at home. Loving the way you look is just as important as physically pampering yourself. Start the year off right with our contemporary scrubs. Now, no matter where you are you’ll look and feel your best. Tag us on Instagram #FromTheFans with your new scrubs. We may end up featuring you in the future!

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