Dr. Neela’s Office

Dr. Neela's Office

Live with a Happy Heart

This month is all about love. Whether it’s Valentine’s or Galentine’s, love is in the air, and I adore it all. I love the idea that we celebrate love. It is something that we often take for granted, especially with the people we love the most. For those of you […]

Jaanuu Co-Founders Neela Sethi Young and Shaan Sethi
Dr. Neela's Office

With Gratitude

It’s always been about helping others. We started Jaanuu in the hope of empowering the individuals that give it their all every day. This is the core of our brand, and we’re extending that love and care even further. We’re giving back to something that hits close to home–the children. […]

Dr. Neela's Office

An Open Letter From Neela

To My Girls, Thank you for your feedback. I heard the comments and concerns – even from my own staff. You girls are my day one and I hope this Curve line empowers and helps you realize you’re not defined by any number or size.  When we first launched Jaanuu, […]