5 Tips to Tackle Your Night Shift

  Owning the Night Shift Maria S. RN, knows a thing or two about thriving on a night shift. Sure, it starts with the proper sleep foundation, but with a few more tricks stashed in your scrub sleeve, you’ll be able to knock out every shift that week without breaking […]


It’s Nurses Week: The #JaanuuPowerUp Contest

Nurses are the true unsung heroes. We see how amazing you are! This Nurses Week, we want to honor everything you do by putting you and your superpowers in the spotlight. Striking a hero pose not only shows our strength, but also naturally empowers us. We’d love to see your […]


The Healing & Wellness Edition

Our newest scrub hues are inspired by the crystals and stones of jade (nurturing and balance), amethyst (healing), and rose quartz (unconditional love). But they inspired more than just our scrubs … they inspired this edition of #SelfCareSunday, too. We felt inspired to find ways we could incorporate these stones […]

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Holiday Notes from the Jaanuu Team to You

We’re definitely getting in the holiday spirit here at Jaanuu HQ. And as we think about all of the things that we are grateful for, one thing keeps rising to the top. And that’s you, our Jaanuu fam. To put it simply, nothing compares to you. It’s hard to put into […]

Green juice image sourced from Simple Vegan.

4 Delicious Ways to Detox For the New Year

By detox, we mean get rid of the bad and welcome the good. We’re not going to tell you to drink juice for a whole week, but incorporating fresh juices and salads are a guaranteed way to feel good. This is our version of how to detox for the new […]


7 Essentials You Need for a DIY At-Home Spa

Happiness starts with you. Take care of your body, mind, and spirit. It’s essential to keeping a healthy work-life balance. We know you’re under a lot of stress and pressure when you’re at work – which is why it is extremely important to pamper yourself every once-in-awhile. 1. Set the Mood […]