An Open Letter From Neela

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To My Girls,

Thank you for your feedback. I heard the comments and concerns – even from my own staff. You girls are my day one and I hope this Curve line empowers and helps you realize you’re not defined by any number or size. 

When we first launched Jaanuu, my brother and I were still working out of my kitchen, and our budget and resources were limited. I’m sorry it took so long to launch Curve. If we were going to create a plus-size line, we were going to do it the right way. We’ve figured out the right fit, the right fabric, and the right styles. We wanted to make sure you felt confident and beautiful in our scrubs, regardless of what size you wear.

Embrace who you are, and what you do. I’m a sister, a mother, a wife, a pediatrician and a Jaanuu woman.



See the unique styles we’ve developed just for Curve.