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Stay Cool With Our Best 8 Moisture Wicking Scrubs

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Scrubs are one of the best inventions of the modern medical era. Alongside advancements in medicine and medical procedures and our overall understanding of germs, these workwear wonders have undeniably done overtime in assisting healthcare professionals to save people’s lives. 

The reason for their success? Good, easy-to-wash, antimicrobial-finished scrubs cut back on contaminants, keeping healthcare professionals and their patients safe if and when they come into contact with each other.

If you’re looking for the best scrubs to wear during your busy work week, know that there are plenty of options out there. Some include color-coded V-neck scrub tops for surgeons, lab coats for doctors and long-sleeve underscrubs for nurses that help keep you warm during the cool winter months. You can choose between cargo pants, drawstring pants and spandex-blend compression pants, too.

But if you tend to sweat, you probably know, finding a scrub material that prevents perspiration can be a challenge. The best way to fix excessive sweating? By finding a breathable, lightweight uniform to wear so that when you sweat, it’ll absorb and dry quickly. And we needn’t tell you, dry scrubs are the key to being comfortable on the job.

Read on for a list of our best high-quality moisture wicking scrubs.

Best moisture wicking scrubs

If you need a moisture-wicking scrub top for women, try:

 Woman with scrub top

  • Jaanuu’s 3-Pocket V-Neck Top. A relaxed top with short sleeves and 4-way stretch fabric, this performance scrubs option is light and airy, and it doesn’t stick to skin. What’s more, it comes in various colors, making it versatile for your personal needs, especially if your healthcare facility has a color-specific dress code. Additional perks to this top include 2 waist pockets, a chest patch pocket and a hidden hem badge loop, keeping these scrubs comfortable and functional.





Woman with relaxed wine scrub

  • Another option? Try our Relaxed 3-Pocket Top, another bestseller in the Jaanuu roster. This scrubs “wrinkle free” solution has a lot in common with our first recommendation, as it sports short sleeves, 3 pockets, and a hidden hem badge loop. The 3-Pocket Top is made from a 4-way stretch woven fabric, too. Overall, the most significant difference between this top and the V-neck is the refined notch detailing at the neck on this unique top.





Moisture wicking scrub pants can also help cut back on excessive sweating. 

For women’s options:

Royal blue scrub pant

  • Try the Women’s Mesh-Enhanced Jogger Pant. They’re incredibly comfortable, with a relaxed fit and a mid-rise waistband made from 4-way stretch, wrinkle resistant, easy care FUSEryx™ fabric. With their antimicrobial finish, mid-rise waistband, and 9 pockets (yes, 9!), these joggers are a great, easy way to lower the temperature while you work.






Woman with olive jogger pant

  • If you aren’t a fan of mesh, check out our Women’s Essential 5-Pocket Jogger for an all-around winning medical scrubs option. Although it has fewer pockets, it still has the exact relaxed fit with an antimicrobial finish. The simple pant legs and adjustable waistband allows you to move around in comfort, too.






When it comes to men’s scrubs or nursing scrubs, we also have workwear options that help cut back on excessive sweating. 

For the tops selection:

Men’s Paneled-Mesh V-Neck Top

  • Look at the Men’s Paneled-Mesh V-Neck Top. It’s a relaxed-fit scrub with a V-neckline and short sleeves to keep you cool. This quick-drying scrub top has a 4-way stretch capacity and is also very functional. It’s also antimicrobial-finished, which means it will help keep you safe from contaminants. In contrast, its wrinkle and fade resistant properties mean that it’ll hold up well in a heavy-duty wash.





Man with navy top scrub

  • Should you be interested in other bestselling options, the Men’s 2-Pocket V-Neck Top is similar and an excellent choice for easy-to-wear medical uniforms. With its short sleeves, V-neck, side vents and relaxed fit, it’s sure to keep you cool. 







Lastly, for the best scrubs in the men’s moisture wicking pants department:

man in green jogger pant scrub

  • Try out our bestselling Men’s Drawstring Jogger Pant, made from our woven FUSEryx™ fabric with an antimicrobial finish. Like the other scrubs on this list, it’s resistant to wrinkles and fading, making it a perfect item to own for medical professionals. The elastic waistband and relaxed cut give your skin room to breathe, while their multiple pockets mean the scrubs are highly functional.





Jogger pant for men

  • Also, check out our Men’s Mesh-Pocket Jogger Pant, similar to the first option with multiple pockets and moisture-wicking properties. Expect a relaxed fit, mid-rise elastic drawstring waistband and 4-way stretch capacity. All in all, these joggers are extremely effective at keeping you comfortable while on the job.






Tips to stay cool in scrubs

Grey scrub for men

Finally, here are a few general tips on staying cool while wearing scrubs. Combine these tips with those scrub options above to cut back even more on that pesky, excessive sweating. After all, maintaining a balanced body temperature will stop you from feeling under the weather on your shift and help you focus on work.

When buying new scrubs:

DO choose a looser fit

When you’re trying to find clothes of any sort to stay cool in warmer weather, you’ll want to go for a looser, more relaxed fit. This principle also applies to scrubs. 

The reason for this? Loose fabric doesn’t sit against the skin, allowing moisture the space it needs to evaporate off your body before you overheat. This moisture wicking process can also be increased when you combine a looser cut with a quick-drying fabric, like Jaanuu’s FUSEryx™ and SPINryx™ specialty blends.

DO wear cotton or another loose weave

Although you don’t necessarily have to wear cotton scrubs, cotton or other lightweight fabrics are preferable for a healthcare uniform. They’re light, breathable and well-suited for hotter weather.

Do NOT wear undershirts

There are certain instances where wearing an undershirt with your scrubs in hot weather may be appropriate. It makes for a more modest look, and it can act as an extra barrier to keep sweat from seeping through light-colored scrubs. 

However, you’ll generally want to say “no” to undershirts when braving warmer temps. They can heat you up faster, causing you to sweat more heavily. When you sweat more heavily, those underscrubs will stick to your skin, making you feel increasingly stickier in an endless warming cycle. It’s a surefire way to obstruct moisture wicking scrubs from doing their job.

For more info on finding a comfortable set of scrubs that are light on heat retention, shop our women’s white scrub selection and our men’s white scrub selection. Beat the heat with moisture wicking, absorbent scrubs.

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