#EmpowerTheCurve: Elizabeth Del Real

Meet Elizabeth, one of our awesome fans. Read her story and see how she’s transformed into the woman she is today.

I remember when I was younger I’d opt to a sweatshirt so I could cover up more. I’d see a cute top on the mannequin, but when I tried it on, the fit was completely off. I feel like brands don’t really have a grasp on the plus-size community. We don’t want flowy or loose fitting clothes.

For a long time, I thought I needed to hide my curves. This all changed when I met my husband. He’s my support system at home. He’s shown me that my curves make me who I am and there’s nothing wrong with that. I now want clothes that are form flattering – a fit that compliments my curves.

Jaanuu gets me. You’re my support system at work. I feel loved and it’s really empowering to glance in the mirror and see how amazing I look. You understand the struggle that curvy women have to go through. You heard our concerns and created a powerful movement for plus-size women around the world.

Thanks to my husband and Jaanuu, I know I’m not defined by any number or size. I love myself and what I do. My name is Elizabeth Del Real – I’m a dental assistant, a wife, a down-to-earth rocker girl and a Jaanuu Woman.


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